Porsche 930 - 911 Turbo - Front Print

$ 35.00


The legendary 930 or 911 Turbo was such a radical car when it came out with its wide monstrous fenders and the mighty “Whale Tail” hanging out back.  Soon the “Whale Tail” was replaced with the even bigger “Tea Tray” spoiler on its rear.  It seemed like every child’s room was adorned with dream car poster of a 930.  When we decided to design a 930 it seemed like everything had been done, so I contacted, who some refer to as Mr. 930, Michael Willhoit of Willhoit Enterprises to ask him his opinion.  He told me get on the ground by the exhaust pipe looking up and “the fenders look wider than a football field and a tail bigger than a 747.”

Hand printed with eco friendly water based inks in Huntington Beach, California on the highest quality T-shirt available.  This 100% super soft, combed and ring-spun cotton shirt has a modern yet classic fit and is sourced from LA based company.