About Circuit SixFour

Circuit SixFour is a small group of friends from the automotive and design world who came together to create apparel and gear for the like-minded. From white knuckles on the track to busted knuckles in the garage, we are automotive enthusiasts and together we share an appreciation for the multiple facets of the automotive lifestyle.  Our aim is to bring the raw beauty, precision, and exhilaration of the machines that inspire us, into the products we create.

We are a company built on the value of craftsmanship, the detail of design, and a passion for motorsport.  We celebrate a lifestyle lived behind the wheel and strive to communicate this through purposeful apparel, art, and gear. Driven to become more than a brand, C64 is a culture, a community, and a family of enthusiasts.





Bracken is car crazy, but more specifically he is obsessed with Porsches. For Bracken this obsession began at birth as he was driven home from the hospital in a brand new white Porsche 928. So it would seem he was bitten by the Porsche bug instantly. His dad has been a long time Porsche broker, in fact longer than Bracken has been alive. Growing up, there was always a different Porsche at the Helmes house and sometimes as many as seven. As a small child, Bracken would beg his dad to let him come to work with him. His dad would check him out of school occasionally to tag along with him where he saw and rode along in many Porsches.

In 2009, Bracken moved to the Bay Area to attend the University of San Francisco, where he earned his Master’s degree in Organizational Development. In his off time, he enjoys attending EASY’s (famous Porsche landmark) First Saturday every month among other shows throughout the year. He is a member of the Diablo Region PCA and is the Newsletter Editor for the Yosemite Region PCA. You may have seen him representing Circuit Sixfour at Rennsport Reunion V and VI, LA Lit Show and All Porsche Swap Meet in LA during Porsche week. Bracken is always excited to engage with Porsche enthusiasts and pursue his automotive passions.

Bracken also interviews influential people in the global Porsche community. You may have seen his interviews published in Petrolicious and Panorama. Fortunately, other publications are also interested in his interviews.

Bracken currently owns a 1985 911 Carrera that he likes to get out and drive with the EASY/R Gruppe crowd and some PCA regions. Although he has rode along on The Professor Run and was recently in Seattle hoping to ride with the 3 Pedal Posse, he looks forward to doing it from the driver’s seat.